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Summer Beach Favours



💡 Ideas for summer wedding favours!


Broken HandWell this was a fateful month. Tripped and fell in my garden fracturing my left hand. A week and one surgery later here I sit with a cast and a wired up hand. :( One handed typing is about to become my specialty. Lots of time to catch up on billing and paper work now.






Inaugural meeting of the Surrey Photography Club. Over a hundred people in attendance. She shoots, she scores! Photo shoot for Village Travel Agency. So much fun to work with a cute little dog! Completed

Spring has Sprung!

Easter wedding tips!


Created a website for the photography club Work continues on the RCMP site, great group to work with. Interview with the Surrey Leader turns into a full page story about yours truly. Very flattering indeed. Met with Newton Seniors Center staff, I will be teaching intro to digital photography to local seniors soon. Busy promoting the photography club.

Planning an Irish wedding?


Wrapping up instruction for this terms BCIT photography class. Met with new design client. Developing an intranet site for the RCMP Community Policing Services “E” Division. Developed a flyer for the photography club and have dropped them off around town.

Valentine Wedding Day Favours


Created in 1866, NECCO Sweethearts, or “Conversation Hearts,” are those tiny candies imprinted with sayings and were originally called “Motto Hearts.” Consumers buy about 8 billion Sweethearts in the six weeks before Valentine’s Day each year. For wedding favors, fill heart-shaped favor boxes or baskets with these confections and rest assured they won’t go bad before the wedding – these candies are reported to stay fresh for at least 5 years!


Tired of waiting for a photography club, decided to start one. Created some marketing material and starting to put the word out. Completing instruction of Communications for New Media at BCIT, mid course with photography. Developing a website for the Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis (ECCA) Conference.

What’s a wedding?

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